Joel Gerber

SVP, Technology
Joel at a Glance
10+ Years Leadership in Technology Consulting Organizations.

9+ Years as a Mentor to Local Technology Startups.

20+ Years Developing Software and Other Technology Solutions.
Portrait of Joel Gerber, SVP, Technology
“Constant curiosity across our Technology team is how we find and develop new solutions, as well as ensure we stay on the cutting edge.”
Joel Gerber
SVP, Technology
In-Depth with Joel
What makes G2O the right place for you?

I joined G2O specifically to get back into consulting. I spent a couple years in product development with in-house teams, and this was an opportunity for me to have a greater impact with far more organizations. That’s very rewarding to me.

Plus, G2O, as an experience-focused company, is an incredibly exciting place to be. With strong roots and expertise in technology, we provide a higher level of benefit to our clients, beyond simply helping them with their technology.

How do you make sure G2O is providing value to our clients?

First and foremost, we listen closely to our clients to learn what their needs are so we can make sure whatever we’re deploying solves the business challenges they’re really trying to address. We’re not out developing or deploying tech for tech’s sake. We want to leverage technology to help move our clients’ businesses forward.

What’s one of the most impactful CX transformations you’ve been part of?

The work we’ve done for the commercial banking team within one of our clients. This bank is, was, and always has been strong on the retail side. But on the commercial side, they needed help satisfying the specific needs of their customers, especially small businesses.

By helping them accelerate the deployment of new features and more quickly provide value, we delivered real benefits to both the bank and their customers. For the bank, it improved their CX, which made for happier customers, and made it easier for them to get more customers. Plus, our work has also helped small businesses because they have a smoother, quicker CX, which enables them to focus on their business instead of their banking.

“This was an opportunity for me to connect with and really help our clients. That’s very rewarding to me.”
Which of our core values really speaks to you?

For me, it’s Constantly Curious.

Constant curiosity across our Technology team is how we find and develop new solutions, as well as ensure we stay on the cutting edge. It’s what enables us to take a little nugget of new technology like generative AI, and then figure out how we can use that new tech to help us be more efficient, develop more impactful solutions, deliver greater value, and create better experiences.

How do you stay committed to learning and growing?

We allocate dedicated time for learning, time for all of us to look not only at technology, but to look across the whole organization, seeing how we can better use emerging technologies, tools, and processes to help improve our ability to deliver solutions for our clients.

But really, it all comes back to curiosity. For example, I’m currently curating and publishing a weekly newsletter about AI not only because it’s something I’m curious about, but also because we all know it’s something that will lead to real benefits for our clients. So, by curating and creating this newsletter, I’m leading by example and helping our team learn and grow.

I also belong to professional peer communities, participate in technology reviews, attend industry events, and follow forward-thinking technology stack people. But all of this comes down to a personal investment – and G2O allowing and encouraging all of us to make this investment – to think about things, and to figure out how all of this might impact the future.


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