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Our Four Industries


We help banks looking to thrive chart a path to growth and differentiation through the lens of customer centricity.
Woman doing online banking.
A regional bank’s online transformation.
Building a bank’s digital presence can be a daunting task due to the complexity and scale of the project. Even with an already successful in-person approach to banking, this regional bank faced the challenge of translating its tailored offline experience to match the way it operates online.
Our Clients


From gene-cell therapy to making complicated processes more accessible, patients are taking control of their healthcare and we’re making their experience better.
How do we extend our capabilities to drive new revenue?
A division of a Fortune 500 health-supply distributor with a large pharmacy and payer network, needed to expand their ability to achieve the revenue goals assigned by its parent organization. Needing to simultaneously maintain focus on the delivery of existing priorities, it approached G2O as a dedicated partner, forming an extension of the team to focus on this new challenge.​
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Retail, Supply Chain & Manufacturing

People aren’t buying your products, they’re buying the experience they have with your products. We’re connecting companies to customers through experiences with impact.
Help us use data to support our growth.
A direct-to-consumer health and skincare brand found its data infrastructure was not actively supporting their plans for growth. They partnered with G2O to reshape their fragmented data platform and create an asset that drives true ROI.
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Public Sector

Customer experience is taking over the public sector industry. We’re prioritizing citizens’ experience for exponential benefit.
A Government Agency’s Journey to a Unified Web Presence
Government agencies have a lot to communicate. When a local government agency came to us with 12 different sites and an inconsistent message, we knew we could help.
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G2O Next

Our 4-step customer experience transformation process.

Transform Your Business
Our Expertise

We believe that a multi-dimensional partner with a true intersection of offerings and a breadth as well as depth of expertise can deliver greater impact and outcomes for our clients’ businesses and ultimately, for the audiences they serve.

​Product Development

Scale Your Business.
Christopher Barcelona, SVP Strategy at G2O
Christopher Barcelona
SVP, Strategy
  • Market Opportunity Assessment & Validation​
  • Product Ideation & Concept Development​
  • Rapid Prototype Development​
  • Consumer Testing
  • Product Design & Development​
  • Coaching​
  • Product Strategy​
  • Positioning​​
  • ”Getting Started” Workshops (Compass)


Use Innovation to Fuel Growth.
Joel Gerber, SVP Tech at G2O
Joel Gerber
SVP Technology
  • Technical Strategy​
  • Enterprise Application Development​
  • Artificial Intelligence Application Development​
  • API & Microservices​
  • Big Data​
  • Bot & Virtual Assistant Development​​
  • Cloud​​
  • Dev Ops​
  • Digital Experience Platform Implementation (CRM, CMS)​​
  • Automation - RPA​
Our Partners


Deliver What Customers Want and Expect.
Greg Smith
SVP, Experience
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research​​
  • Competitive Analysis​​
  • Content Strategy​
  • Customer Journey Mapping​​
  • SEO Strategy​​
  • Service Design​​
  • Human-centered Design Services​
  • Responsive Website Design & Development​
  • App Design & Development​
  • UI Design & Development​
  • Voice App Design & Development


Fuel Decisions and Generate Insights.
Data and Analytics search icon
Data & Analytics
  • Data Strategy​
  • Customer Analytics​
  • Experience Analytics​​
  • Marketing Analytics​
  • Web Analytics​
  • Data Visualization & Dashboards​​
  • Customer Data Platforms​​
  • Customer Data Privacy​​​
  • Data Governance & Stewardship​
  • Data Marketplace​
Our Partners


Make Sure the Right People are Making the Right Moves for Your Business.
Rick Ritzler, Chief Talent Officer at G2O
Rick Ritzler
Chief Talent Officer
  • Specialized Skills for Individual Assignments​​
  • Rapid Scaling for Building New Teams​​
  • Proven Talent-matching Process for Right-fit Deployments​​​
  • Experienced Recruiters with Deep Market Knowledge​​
  • Delivery & Practice Oversight to Ensure Skills Training and Development​
Let’s Get to Outcomes

Transforming customer experiences is what we do.

We exist to solve complex problems that make the human experience better. See how we can bring value through specificity for you.