Data Consulting & Integration Strategy

Data Consulting That Creates Action

As experts in data analytics consulting and data integration strategy, we bridge the gap between data and insights to make the best business decisions that drive growth. The biggest challenge businesses encounter with their data and analytics is that they’re not solving the right problem. Knowing what you are looking for and what needs you’re meeting, can point your data integration strategy at the right target, so you can hit your goals.

We believe data analytics is core to transforming your customer experience. And we don’t simply shape and model data, we help you shape and model your business through data.
Fueling Change Through Data Integration

Our consultants walk with you through the steps to create a data culture that elevates performance and drives your business forward.

Frame a data integration strategy from business needs
  • Understand business goals and analytic needs to drive priorities.
  • Assess current data and environment and develop roadmap to close gaps.
  • Develop ROI estimates.
Build a data foundation to generate insights
  • Execute on the roadmap to build data model that support insights generation.
  • Leverage best in class cloud technology to provide cost savings, scale and ML tools.
  • Establish foundational governance practices and security models.
Create and embed insights to fuel efficiency and growth
  • Unlock the right data at the right time to drive analytics, encourage the right business. decisions, and create personalized experiences.
  • Automate day-to-day processes with machine learning.
Enable change management toward a data-driven culture
  • Drive culture change and adoption of data and insights.
  • Create poly-skilled pods to deliver plans.
  • Providing training and best practice templates to upskill client teams.
  • Identify and recruit against gaps in teams to position for new platforms.
Data Consulting Project Success

Using data to support business growth.

A direct-to-consumer health and skincare brand found its data infrastructure was not actively supporting its plans for growth. They partnered with G2O to reshape their fragmented data platform and create a data asset that drives true ROI.
Our Data Consulting Capabilities

How We Help

We’ve honed our data integration capabilities to catapult your data and analytic success.
  • Data & Analytics Strategy
  • Customer Analytics
  • Experience Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Data Visualization & Dashboards
  • Data Engineering & Architecture
  • Data Governance & Security
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Market Opportunity Assessment & Validation
  • Consumer Testing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • SEO Strategy
Additional Solutions
See how we put our collective passions to work to help solve problems and create lasting value.
We deliver progressive CX engagement strategies to solve real human needs. We put research and ideas to work to develop experiences that drive loyalty and conversion.
Bringing a new product or service to market requires insights, knowledge and expertise. We use a problem-first approach from definition to delivery to help you innovate.
Whether it's a cloud strategy, scaling to address a fast-growing business or generative AI, we deliver outcomes, not just technology.
We fill the gaps in your teams with experienced talent to maximize the success of the team on site and minimize the workload for you.
Let's get to outcomes

Integrating data into action is what we do.

We exist to solve complex problems that make the human experience better. See how we can bring value through specificity for you.