Product Consulting, Planning & Development

Product Consulting for Accelerated Definition & Delivery of new Product and Services.

We’re your partner in product consulting, working side-by-side to help your organization get new products to market — from brainstorming your product and all the way to delivery. That’s why we use a problem-first approach to meeting your business goals and we look within the market to find the white space that will help your organization perform.

We empower teams. We analyze hard problems. We create insights and develop a data-driven course of action to create highly valuable products, services, and experiences that we expertly execute as part of our product consulting strategy.
Four Components of Success

We develop and bring digital products + services to market that diversify revenue and grow your business.

Create + Validate
Create and validate a new product idea in a new or familiar market
Reposition your product in an evolving market
Commercialize your product and position for scale
Ship + Sustain
Ship features and sustain operations
Product Coaching
across any of the above areas of focus
Product Consulting Project Success

How do we extend our capabilities to drive new revenue?

A division of a Fortune 500 health-supply distributor with a large pharmacy and payer network, needed to expand its ability to achieve the revenue goals assigned by its parent organization. Needing to simultaneously maintain focus on the delivery of existing priorities, it approached G2O as a dedicated partner, forming an extension of the team to focus on this new challenge.​
Product & Service Consulting Capabilities

How We Help

We’ve honed our capabilities to catapult your product success.
  • Market Opportunity Assessment & Validation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Product Strategy
  • Technical Strategy
  • Data & Analytics Strategy
  • Go-To-Market Positioning
  • Getting Started Workshops
  • Product Ideation & Concept Development
  • Rapid Prototype Development
  • Consumer Testing & Focus Groups
  • Product Design & Development
  • Human-Centered Design Services
  • Coaching
Our Solutions
See how we put our collective passions to work to help solve problems and create lasting value.
We deliver progressive CX engagement strategies to solve real human needs. We put research and ideas to work to develop experiences that drive loyalty and conversion.
We help you define the true business challenges you need your data to solve and then build a data & analytics foundation focused on the insights that will move your business forward.
Whether it's a cloud strategy, scaling to address a fast-growing business or generative AI, we deliver outcomes, not just technology.
We fill the gaps in your teams with experienced talent to maximize the success of the team on site and minimize the workload for you.
Let’s get to outcomes

Transforming customer experiences is what we do.

We exist to solve complex problems that make the human experience better. See how we can bring value through specificity for you.