Solutions-Based Staff Augmentation

Infuse Talent and Capabilities Into Your Team

Enhance your internal teams withour staff augmentation service so you can realize the potential of your business goals. Attracting and retaining talent is a common challenge these days, and you need to hit the ground running with a team that can be up to speed on your project from day one.

We fill the gaps with experienced talent to maximize the success of the team and minimize the workload for you. Your talent is chosen from our network of highly skilled professionals using a proven talent-matching process for right-fit deployments.
Talent Vetting Partnership

Our Talent Acquisition Team is available to provide additional support to your full lifecycle recruitment efforts; including candidate sourcing, qualification and closing.

Talent Funnel & Acquisition Phases
Candidate Sourcing

G2O’s dedicated Talent Acquisition team is committed to uncovering the best talent for our clients by continuously recruiting from multiple sources to match the right skills with the right need.

Candidate Screening

Initial screening activity focuses on verifying the candidate’s technical and interpersonal qualifications through a series of in-depth interviews. We document specific skills, experience and overall presentation.

Capability Deep Dive

Candidate Deep Dive Assessments are conducted through a combination of G2O’s Evaluation Team and our proprietary technical evaluation tool. The Evaluation Team, made up of select senior members of our consulting staff, apply their expertise and extensive professional experience to provide detailed written feedback on each candidate.

Project Panel

We evaluate the candidate’s critical thinking and strategic approach as it relates to solution discovery and delivery through a case study assignment. The presentation is given to a cross-functional group at G2O that represents different experiences across our team.

Final Interview

Our rigorous talent acquisition process ensures you are interviewing a candidate with all the skills needed for your project success.

Offer + Onboarding

We pride ourselves in ensuring a smooth and successful onboarding process for you and your new Consultant. Prior to joining your project, we cover role, project and company objectives, security training and logistical items including time entry.

Staff Augmentation Capabilities

How We Help Staff Your Team

We’ve honed our capabilities to catapult your project success.
  • Specialized Skills for Individual Assignments
  • Rapid Scaling for Building New Teams
  • Proven Talent-Matching Process for Right-Fit Employees
  • Experienced Recruiters with Deep Market Knowledge
  • Delivery & Practice Oversight to Ensure Skills Training and Development
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