Our Values
What we value defines not only how we run our business, but how we live, day-to-day as an organization and how we engage with our clients. Our power is in our people and we relentlessly strive to create an environment where everyone can be their best.

Fearlessly Forward

We’re go getters and hand raisers. And we think “doing” trumps “saying” every time. We believe in taking ownership and in acting, no matter how big or small the challenge at hand.

Truly Together

We know that greatness is rarely achieved by one individual. Rather, we believe true greatness comes in the agency of others. It’s why we’re collaborative to our core and why we work with a wider perspective.

Constantly Curious

We thrive on possibility and we're hungry for not just the "what's" and the "how's" but, more importantly, the “why’s.” Because we believe curiosity is core to creativity. That’s why we challenge the expected, look past the obvious, and always pursue the “could be’s.”​

Powerfully Positive

Our glass is half-full and our outlook is one of optimism. We’re enthusiastic, resilient, and we bring our best. Always. We project positive energy because we believe it powers us. Our minds are open and our posture is positive. Powerfully.
Our People

Transforming customer experiences requires expertise and guidance. Our people make our work possible. They’ll be your partners every step of the way.

Kelly Gratz
Chief Executive Officer
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Rick Ritzler, Chief Talent Officer at G2O
Rick Ritzler
Chief Talent Officer
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Steven Yaffe, SVP Chief Revenue Officer at G2O
Steven Yaffe
SVP, Chief Revenue Officer
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Andrew Crawford, Chief Operating Officer at G2O
Andrew Crawford
Chief Operating Officer
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Greg Smith, SVP Experience at G2O
Greg Smith
SVP, Experience
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Joel Gerber, SVP Technology at G2O
Joel Gerber
SVP, Technology
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Carli Whittlesey, SVP, Client Service
Carli Whittlesey
SVP, Client Services
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Christopher Barcelona, SVP, Strategy
Christopher Barcelona
SVP, Strategy
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G2O Careers

Work with us. Not for us.

We believe that the coming together of differing backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints, and skills helps us to see the problems we work on and the world we work in with clearer eyes and a wider perspective.