Kelly Gratz

Chief Executive Officer
Kelly at a Glance
15+ Years Executive Leadership in Technology Industry.

20+ Years Executive Leadership in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries.

Began her Career as a Consultant at Ernst & Young.
Portrait of Kelly Gratz, Chief Executive Officer
“When we harness that feeling any of us has after a positive customer experience… that’s magic in a bottle for our clients.”
Kelly Gratz
Chief Executive Officer
In-Depth with Kelly
Why does G2O exist?

For me, it’s about how we support our clients, and how we help them transform their business.

It’s not only how we surprise and delight our clients, but also how we help them do the same for their customers.

Why are you passionate about CX Transformations?

CX constantly pops up in our lives – good experiences and terrible ones. But when you scratch at those bad ones a little bit, you realize that many frontline employees and software developers are simply following existing processes – processes that need updated and rethought.

And it’s also important to remember that a CX Transformation is more than just a digital transformation. It takes into account the human element, our intuitive behaviors – knowing what your customer needs before they know it.

Yes, improving any CX will likely involve technology. But it’s much bigger, it’s about marrying up the digital experience with the human experience to understand how the customer feels during each interaction. When we harness that feeling any of us has after a positive CX – even if it’s an experience surrounding a problem – that’s magic in a bottle.

As CEO, how do you make sure G2O is providing the greatest value?

It’s about the people. We have an amazing team. We have a diversified team. They don’t all think the same way. But when you put different people in a room to craft a solution, it’s amazing to see the outcome. It’s my job to help create the atmosphere to support that happening – but ultimately, it’s our people that do the hard stuff.

I also try to make good decisions about “what’s next” in terms of where we are heading and how we should invest. It’s also my job to push us to the next level. At times that makes us uncomfortable, but inevitably, it brings value to our clients – and that’s the payoff.

“Curiosity is the starting point for everything. To do this work – to help transform experiences – you have to be genuinely curious.”
How does the personality of G2O help our clients?

People choose us and continue to work with us because they realize they’ll benefit from our curiosity, our forward-thinking mindset, our teamwork and candor, and our positive approach to solving challenges and transforming experiences.

Which of G2O’s core values speaks most strongly to you?

Constantly Curious.

To do this job, to help transform experiences, you have to be genuinely curious. Curiosity is the starting point for everything – including our other core values.

If you’re constantly curious, you’re naturally passionate about solving your clients’ challenges. It becomes a puzzle that you just need to solve.

What motivates you each day?

I feel responsible to our clients, to the organization, to all our team members, to my boss, and to my family.

It’s the way I was raised. I’m the youngest of nine kids. Everything in our house was a challenge. You never wanted to be “picked last”, you worked hard. No matter what it was, you worked hard at it. I feel that same way here. I work hard because I want G2O to be picked first. And I want our clients to be picked first in their marketplaces.

People are counting on me.


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