Carli Whittlesey

SVP, Client Service
Carli at a Glance
15+ Years of Client Service Experience in Digital Marketing Industry.

Has Collaborated with International and National Brands including California Pizza Kitchen, Nestlé Tollhouse, BNY Mellon and Proctor & Gamble.

Began her Career as a Production Assistant at MTV.
Portrait of Carli Whittlesey, SVP, Client Service
“A great CX is when the customer walks away from an experience with a sense of accomplishment.”
Carli Whittlesey
SVP, Client Service
In-Depth with Carli
What’s most rewarding about working at G2O?

I think it’s two-fold.

First, there’s the reward of helping a client achieve their goals. There’s nothing better than a client raving about what our team has done for them.

And from a G2O perspective, the reward is being a part of what we’re creating here – a critical experience, technology, and data partner for our clients. And not just being part of defining that vision, but also playing a role in realizing it.

What role do you play in creating better experiences for our clients’ customers?

It’s really about connecting all the dots and wearing all the hats.

I need to wear the hat of a team member, working to ensure we’re recommending and delivering the best solutions based on our expertise. Then, I also wear the hat of a client, understanding their perspectives and the specifics of their needs.

And when there’s a little friction between the two, my role is to make sure we all work through those moments to get to the best outcome and ideal output, while also strengthening the working relationship, partnership, and commitment of everyone involved.

How would you define a great customer experience?

A great CX is when the customer walks away from an experience with a sense of accomplishment. You achieved your desired outcome without jumping over a bunch of hurdles, and maybe even learned something along the way.

“I expect everyone – including myself – to always lean into the cause, pushing for what’s right and what’s better.”
Which G2O core values most shape your decisions and actions?

It’s probably a combination of Fearlessly Forward and Truly Together.

Fearlessly Forward because I expect people – including myself – to always lean into the cause, pushing for what’s right and what’s better.

And when I say, “what’s better,” I mean what’s better for everyone, which is obviously connected to Truly Together. I believe we can’t solve the biggest challenges without working with each other.

What inspired you to choose a career path that has led to this role at G2O?

I started out in the film industry, but switched to the agency and consulting world where I could still enjoy shepherding projects through from an idea to a tangible output.

Also, I’m a people pleaser, which has not only helped me in my career, but has also added benefits for our clients because I’m always striving to help them achieve what they want and need to achieve.

Whether in the marketing industry or the technology and CX industry, the goal of client service has always been the same to me – becoming a valuable partner the client can’t imagine being without.


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