Improving the Customer Experience Through Modern Data Infrastructure & Governance

Our client asked us: How can we modernize our data to help healthcare providers accurately plan patient care?

Project Snapshot:
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For over 20 years, our client successfully made medical supply management easier and more affordable for healthcare providers. But as the business aged, so did their legacy data warehouse. It wasn't meeting their customers' expectations of speed and accuracy.
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We built their new data infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Allowing us to integrate a best-in-class suite of software to make their data accessible, centralized, and timely. Then, we empowered them with a governance plan to keep things fresh for years to come.


This modernized data warehouse proved impactful. A few key results include: Supply tracking is 50% closer to real-time, data redundancy reduced by 94% and data loads in one-third the time. All resulting in a more informed and satisfied customer.
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How do we detangle decades of data to keep up with CX demands?

Our client, a top 20 company on the Fortune 500 that provides global healthcare services and products, launched a shipping and freight management platform designed to help healthcare providers make strategic, money-saving supply chain decisions in 2003.

Over the years, while the client excelled at providing shipping, they knew real-time, reliable data was crucial to a successful supply chain strategy — and their legacy data warehouse was coming up short. The symptoms of their aging data infrastructure were apparent: sluggish load times and decentralized, inconsistent, disorganized data. In short, this data just wasn’t empowering smart decision-making for its customers like it should.

To bring their data up to speed, the company partnered with G2O. Our powerhouse data team knew just how to smooth out their 20-year data tangle and craft a new infrastructure to empower the client, and their customers.

The goal? Manageable, high-quality data in a centralized, easy-access system for the client. For their users? An improved customer experience with speedy delivery of reliable insights to empower smarter, more strategic supply chain management. And for patients? Healthcare providers who always have the equipment they need, when they need it, to provide high-quality care.

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G2O's data and analytics experts selected and implemented the necessary tools to build out this successful modern data platform.
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Creating the Right Data Strategy with the Right Tools

G2O performed a comprehensive analysis of the client’s data platform to identify redundancies, inconsistencies, and roadblocks to speedy, accurate insights. Then, we blueprinted a new data infrastructure to meet the client’s current and future needs.

With our team’s expertise, we thoroughly vetted the appropriate tools necessary for the client, ensuring they were fit for purpose and successfully implemented them into the planned strategy.

Their new suite of open-source tools included:

  • Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery for centralization 
  • Secoda as a discoverable data catalog 
  • Hackolade for organized data modeling 
  • Power BI to enable self-service 
  • BigQuery and Tableau to transform data into useful insights 
  • Google Data Validation Tool (DVT) for delivering data consistency across environments 
  • Great Expectations to ensure data quality 

In addition to the selection and implementation of these tools, we laid the groundwork for successful governance across teams and data systems. This included:

  • Identifying Critical Data Elements (CDE) 
  • Establishing a data owner, data steward, and governance process 
  • Creating a production support model with SLA expectations to ensure timely response and rectification of data issues

By pairing a ready-to-grow, modernized data infrastructure with a robust governance plan, G2O empowered our client with speedy, reliable, detangled data for their next 20 years of success.

Data Modernization Project statistics


Data-Driven CX for the Win!

Good data speaks for itself, so we’ll let the outcome data do just that. This data modernization effort:

  • Generates reports twice as fast  
  • Improves report accuracy by 20% 
  • Reduced data redundancy by 94% 
  • Analyzes 10x more data, 100x faster  
  • Reduces load time for web pages by 66% 
  • Updates tracking data twice as often – every 30 minutes instead of 60 

The success of this data modernization project is evident in its results. The restructured, user-centric data system now equips both the client and their customers with more accurate data, enhancing strategic decision-making across the board. And just as important, it is primed to offer more advanced solutions, such as AI, in the future.