Transforming the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation into an experience-driven organization built on true customer understanding

Our client asked us: How can we deliver excellent experiences for every BWC customer, every day?

Project Snapshot:
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The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) was ready to elevate their customer experience — but they didn’t want a one-off “revamp.” They wanted a comprehensive customer-centric roadmap to guide their CX Transformation for years to come.
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The key to impactful CX Transformation is a deep knowledge of customer needs. By conducting qualitative research across all BWC audience segments including injured workers, employers and providers, G2O pinpointed key opportunities for the BWC to make meaningful change for the people they serve.


Weaving together customer-specific insights and deep user experience expertise, G2O delivered a CX Transformation roadmap distilled into practical steps that pack a punch for BWC customers without depleting the agency's resources.
Customer Experience Personas for the Public Sector
Customer Personas built on actual customer research help drive agency communications and CX improvements.

The fastest, most common way to lose ground in CX is to assume customers understand your internal language and processes as well as you. This assumption is of particular concern in the public sector, where internal processes and systems are layered and complex.

The first step to better the BWC’s citizen experience was to look at their offerings through the eyes of the people they serve. We put user research-informed personas to work to help the BWC put on those customer-colored glasses and understand what is truly important to their audiences and how they could improve their experience with the agency.

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How could the BWC distill real customer feedback into an insights fueled, impactful, and achievable customer experience transformation roadmap?

For Ohio citizens, the BWC’s offerings are uniquely personal. Amid the fear and frustration of a workplace injury, the BWC offers comfort and security. But to achieve that comfort, injured workers, employers, and providers must be able to easily navigate and use the BWC’s digital experience.

When tasked with improving their CX, the BWC knew they needed a plan that’s both rooted in empathy and that also accounts for the deeply personal journeys of their users.

Because improving the human experience is what we do, we activated our user-first methodology allowing us to amplify the voice of the customer, uncover key needs, and translate those needs into an actionable CX transformation roadmap.

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Pinpointing High-Value CX Transformation Improvements

It’s one thing to say you’re ready to provide a better experience — it’s another to know how to do it. To deliver valuable insights with efficiency, G2O took a three-pronged approach: Uncover needs through persona discovery, identify UX best practice improvements, and develop a prioritized roadmap to accelerate the BWC’s CX Transformation.


Persona Discovery: Uncovering Customer Needs

G2O interviewed 27 BWC stakeholders and 31 customers across six different audiences to foster customer understanding and identify key disparities. Findings were distilled into tangible assets to guide the BWC's CX transformation, including specific personas.


These personas expanded the BWC's understanding of their customer needs and equipped them with knowledge to improve the experiences.


UX Content & Accessibility Recommendations

G2O assessed the BWC website user experience with content and accessibility audits. Our Content Strategists evaluated all on-page content, PDFs, forms, and documents, along with key metrics like audience traffic and clickstreams, and provided recommendations to improve information architecture and SEO performance.


Our Accessibility Specialist audited the site against POUR principles - perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust - and created four accessibility personas to define how to design digital experiences that work well for these groups, unearthing tangible steps the BWC could take to achieve a better overall user experience.


Roadmap Destination: CX Transformation

G2O’s long history with public sector clients has given us a unique understanding of their pain points and we fully understand that there just aren't enough hours in a day to tackle everything on their plates. The BWC needed to walk away with a CX transformation plan that would optimize its impact without exhausting its resources.


To achieve this, G2O delivered a roadmap of prioritized, achievable steps toward better CX informed directly by BWC customers.

Digital Accessibility Scale
Categorizing Accessibility issues by severity helped the BWC understand which improvements needed addressed first.


A customer-centric strategic roadmap and the knowledge for how to put it to work

To ensure success in the implementation phase, G2O conducted in-person presentations and workshops with key stakeholders to share the audits, recommendations, personas, and journeys that made up the BWC’s customer experience transformation roadmap. The goal was not just to hand over these assets — but to empower the BWC to use them. The G2O team took the time to educate, answer questions, and offer support to ensure the BWC was ready to move forward with total confidence.

By starting with a customer-centric strategy and roadmap from G2O, the BWC could be certain each step of their CX transformation would make a difference, bringing them ever closer to their goal of providing excellent experiences for their customers every day.