It goes beyond digital transformation. It reimagines customer interactions, operations, and processes. It prioritizes customer satisfaction while continuously improving the customer journey. It’s your brand’s differentiator. It increases loyalty. It drives growth. And we’re the partner that makes it possible.
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Why Digital Transformation Isn’t Enough; The Power of CX Transformation as a Business Driver
G2O solves complex problems that make the human experience better. With tailored solutions that create tangible outcomes, we’re building better experiences for better business.

What impact can we deliver for you?

Customer Experience & Service Improvement​
Convert Customer Experience Challenges Into Solutions
We connect your customer to your brand with progressive CX strategies and human-centered design, leading to measurable business results.
Product & Service Development​
Accelerate the Definition and Delivery of New Products and Services
Generate impact through data and industry experience to bring new products to market in ways that help you scale your business for the future.
Integrated Insights​
Move From Data to Action
It’s time to bridge the gap between data and insights to make the best business decisions that drive growth.
Tech-driven Innovation & Transformation
Using Technology to Solve Real Business Problems
We think about technology differently, asking the right questions to drive the right impact.
Talent to Task​
Infuse the Talent and Capabilities Into Your Team
Augment and enhance internal teams so you can realize the potential of your business goals.
Our Perspective

Making Your Data a Strategic Asset — How to Achieve Real Data & Analytics ROI

Is your data ready to take advantage of AI?
Now more than ever, businesses require a data and analytics strategy focused on actual business needs instead of simply adding software and platforms. Here we outline the four components of success essential to turning your data into a strategic asset that supports your growth goals.
Our clients’ success is how we define our own.

We’re big enough to bring a robust suite of capabilities to our clients and nimble enough to dive into all aspects of our clients’ unique challenges.

Our deep experience across industries blended with our unique understanding of customer expectations means we deliver results with more. More impact. More scale. More meaningful connections that make more loyal customers. We’re G2O.
Featured Projects

A dermatology startup’s strategy for scale.

Data & Analytics
Facing a siloed IT environment of disparate data sources and manual standard operating procedures, this dermatology startup realized its data could be doing so much more to contribute to its growth. But where to begin? See how our Data & Analytics experts stepped in to create a data foundation to support real business decisions.
Featured Projects

A Fortune 500 healthcare services company gets an innovative solution.

Product / Experience / Tech
Healthcare is a complex landscape where new revenue streams are often needed to meet revenue goals. See how our Product & Service team became an extension of the client's to innovatively uncover how it could extend its capabilities to drive new revenue.
Woman doing online banking.
Featured Projects

Regional Bank's online transformation.

Experience / Tech
With an already successful in-person approach to banking this regional bank, with over 350 branches in seven states, faced the challenge of translating its tailored offline experience to match the way it operates online. See how we combined our expertise in technology and experience to create an award winning asset.
Featured Projects

A Government Agency’s Journey to a Unified Web Presence.

Experience / Tech
Government agencies have a lot to communicate at any given time and establishing trust within that communication is essential. When a local government agency came to us with 12 different sites and an inconsistent message, we knew we could help.