Ideas Surface From Sharing Knowledge

At G2O, we get excited about communicating our passions for how research and design, technology, and data can shape your customer engagement. That’s because we know from experience that the greatest inspiration often comes from sharing ideas. We hope you find something valuable in ours.
Woman working with an AI program on her computer.
AI isn’t the Solution, but it can be a Means to Your Solution
Woman using digital accessibility resources to navigate the digital world
Customer Experience
Your CX Transformation is Incomplete if You Don’t Ensure Accessibility
IT Team working on new Sitecore Personalization features for client
You Bought Sitecore for the CX Benefits. Are You Sure You’re Getting Them? 
Man overcoming his teams CX Transformation Roadblocks
Customer Experience
CX Transformation: 3 Common Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them
Illustration of G2O team working on CX Experience Improvement
Customer Experience
Customer Expectations Require CX Transformations
Illustration of G2O team workshopping ideas.
Customer Experience
Choose the Right Workshop to Accelerate your CX or EX Transformation
Citizens waiting in line for service
Customer Experience
Why Citizen Experience Matters – How Government Agencies Must Transform their Customers’ Experience
Team Data and Analytics ROI
Making Your Data a Strategic Asset — How to Achieve Real Data & Analytics ROI
Rocket to innovation
Igniting More Innovation in Your Product Teams
Illustrated man doing online banking
A Flagship for the Future: Your Website is Your Bank’s Most Important Branch
Design Thinking Workshop
Customer Experience
Tap the Power of Workshops to Kickstart Your CX Transformation